Antica Mola




Soil: medium mixture rich in skeleton
Terroir: tableland on mountainside of Parco Nazionale del Gargano. 180 m.a.s.l.
Grapes: Negroamaro 50% and Primitivo 50%
Vineyard extension: 7 ha
Conduction: high trellis and guyot
Understock density per hectare: 2500 Negroamaro; 1250 Primitivo
Yield per hectare: 90/100 q
Viticulture: our way to make a fruitful land is the creation of the best sinergy
between the grape and my rich and stony land, helping the vines to reach the
mineral nutrients deep in the garganic rock which gives wines strenght and
minerality. We use sulfur, copper, biodynamic preparations and sexual pheromone
traps to avoid seasonal diseases.
Harvest: manual. End of September-Beginning of October
Alcohol: 14,50% vol
Vinification: grapes separated from the stems and crushed ferments with the
yeasts on the skins in the steel tanks for nearly 15 days. It refines on lees for
5 months. Grape must and wine decant naturally without any fining agent. No
sterile filtration is used. A minimum addition of suplhites is done before bottling.
Tasting notes: vivid red ruby colour, fruity and balsamic, full-bodied but gentle,
balanced with flavor from the soil.
Matches: tasty main courses, grilled red meat and mature cheeses.
Served: room temperature, 19-21°C

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